Page 1. The Circle and the DoT

Page 1. The Circle and the DoT


Arched over the laptop’s keyboard, J was trying to recollect all the things before the Awakening, that foreshadowed the level of spiritual decay to which humans will succumb to.

There was a book called The Circle, written by a guy called Dave Eggers, which J read just before the world started to go crazy, that at that point seemed to be onto something. It talked about this fictitious corporation that in a not so distant future from 2013 (when the book was published), ends up controlling everything through the power of Internet, from people to governments. Back then, the now defunct Sunday Times wrote: “It paints a horrifying picture, in minute detail, of a future we’ll be lucky to avoid.”  They even made a shitty movie about it with some of that moment’s biggest actors. Little did people know back then that Hollywood’s quick grab of the movie rights meant that any genuine question the book raised, will be quickly munched and immediately defecated into a mass-pleaser, mind-numbing blockbuster. It didn’t help either that the movie got shitty reviews and bombed at the box office. Actually, the opposite.

Today anyone could download and read the book for free from the WorldDatabase. Only one physical copy of the movie remained, in the archives of the Minister of Unrepeatable History. It could be accessed online by everyone, but when J check the views counter it showed 0 (zero) hits in the past 6 months. Not a strange thing happening to a Blockhead Movie – how most of the Hollywood’s products came to be known – but it dazzled J nonetheless. Residues of a time when everything was all about counting fans, impressions and likes.

J looked at the time and realised he spent over two hours without writing one single word. He decided it’s time to go out and get some fresh air. He needed some food for Cat anyway and his fridge was also in a desperate need for supplies. A quick trip to the local FreeStore would be more than welcomed. The exercise will also help, J thought, remembering doctor’s appointment was next week.

Cat was looking at him with those big eyes while he was heading out but didn’t bother to answer the goodbye in any way other than putting his head back on the couch. “That lazy fucker” J thought while entering the car. The engine started as he climbed in and, after giving it the destination, he watched the not so new houses in his neighbourhood moving backwards. He considered himself lucky, remembering the times when he could drive in a convertible on the coastal roads of Italy. You could still do it now, of course, but because no one else did it anymore, finding a functional, 50 years old car, was more troublesome than getting on the actual Moon. 70 years after the first human being walked on its surface, Earth’s sole natural satellite now housed the first permanent human colony.

As the name implies, the FreeStore offered basic goods to everyone for free. It was part of the DoT (Department of Trade) network that offered everyone on the planet access to free food, transportation and utilities. Things like alcohol or cigarettes or even marijuana were available, but not for free. Consumption of these products wasn’t regulated in any way but with the advancements in medicine, your physician could immediately detect them on your regular visits which meant an immediate halt in free healthcare access.

J tried to remember when was the last time he heard about someone overdosing or getting totally smashed… It must have been more than 5 years ago…


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