Foreword. What’s this all about?

Foreword. What’s this all about?

To be honest, this was initially ABOUT something else. But as with so many things before, at one point during the night I, the Storyteller, decided to scrap it and start from scratch. It’s my story and after all, who said a story can’t have multiple beginnings? Why should that quality be reserved only to endings? I personally find it totally unacceptable and henceforth, I set my mind to fix it.

First of all, please accept my apologies. I wasn’t completely honest and I would hate for you to consider me a liar. The truth is that the story that’s about to unfold will at no point tell you what this “is all about”.  That is not my intention as in my somewhat hectic life, I ended up losing any respect for the word ABOUT when it comes to its ability to provide any sort of substance or clarity.

“Tell us something about you!”, “What’s this movie about?”,  “About us” – no reply, review or a thousands-word long page could possibly paint an accurate, complete and exhausting picture on the subject it examines. That’s why I will not tell you what this is all about because it is the wrong question. It’s also not the WHY? or the WHAT? I’ve pondered on the latter but dismissed it as being too mundane. It does a fantastic job of explaining the practical side of things. To be able to answer a WHAT question, you need to know exactly all the facts, ingredients, timings or at least, approximate them as best as you can. What are you writing here? Well, some sort of story. See? Altogether boring. No insight whatsoever.

How about WHY, you may ask. Why are you writing this? A fairly solid question and one that occupies a prime spot when it comes to explaining cause and effect scenarios such as the ones you might encounter in chemistry, economics, reality shows, and global warming. Why are you writing a story, on the other hand, is an entirely dumb question! First, you presume there is a reason behind it. Second, you think it’s so important that it deserves a thorough explanation. No one really cares and should ever care. Those that say different are good-for-nothing, plain liars.  In my book is on the same level of dumbness as “Why are we here?

No, the abouts and whys and whats do not matter here. One’s story should not try to explain and lay down facts. It should make you an accomplice to an adventure and take you to unknown places. WHERE? Now that’s a really good question.

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